About Authors

Manuscript Submission

For the purpose of reviewing, articles should be send to the Editor in an electronic version in the following e-mail address:

Manuscript Presentation

The language of the Journal is English. The manuscripts should conform to the conventions specified in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Edition, 2010). They should be printed on A4 paper, one side only, leaving adequate margins on all sides. Please double-space all material, including references in order to allow editorial commentary. Manuscripts most acceptable length is 15-25 typewritten pages or between 4500 and 7500 words. Pages should be numbered consecutively and the first page should contain the following information:

Running head (shortened title) Title Author (s) Affiliation (s) Full address for correspondence, including telephone, fax number and e-mail address.

The Journal has adopted a blind reviewing policy. Authors should use separate pages for all identifying information (name, affiliation, references or footnotes to ones own work, etc). These pages will be removed before the manuscript is sent to the reviewers. The reviewers will also remain anonymous.


Please provide a short abstract of 100 to 250 words in English. This abstract should be printed at the beginning of the paper.

Key Words

Five to ten key words or short phrases should be provided in alphabetical order.

Figures and Tables

All figures and tables must be submitted on different pages. The author should specify where s/he wishes them to appear in the text.

Processing of Manuscripts

After the receipt of the manuscript, the Editor-in-Chief examines whether it falls within the journals domain and complies with its style requirements. If it does not fall in the journals domain the Editor-in-Chief returns the manuscript to the author without further consideration. If the manuscript falls in the journals domain but does not comply with the journals style requirement, it is returned to the author before the reviewing process continuous.

If the manuscript is considered appropriate, the Editor-in-Chief notifies the author and sends it to at least two reviewers. The reviewers are chosen based on their expertise on the subject. When the reviewers complete their reviews, the Editor-in-Chief informs the author whether the paper:

  • Has been accepted.
  • Needs some substantial revision and will be re-evaluated by the reviewers.
  • Has been rejected.

The Editor-in-Chief will also forward the reviewers evaluations to the author. If the manuscript is accepted a final version of the paper will be requested.

Final submission of manuscripts

Once the manuscript has been accepted, the author should submit the final version of the manuscript. Please note the following:

  • Manuscripts should be submitted in PC Word.
  • Figures and tables should be submitted in separate files.
  • The file should follow the general instructions on style.
  • The file should use the wrap-around end-of-line feature (i.e. no returns at the end of each line). All textual elements should begin flush left, no paragraph indents. Place two returns after every element such as title, headings, paragraphs, figure and table.
  • Proofs are sent to the first-named author. Authors should return their corrected proofs within 7 days of receipt by mail in order to avoid delay in the production schedule.


Once the paper is been accepted authors will be asked to transfer copyright of the article to the Publisher: Cyprus Mathematical Society

Additional Information can be obtained from: Prof. Gregory Makrides, President-Cyprus Mathematical Society, makrides.g@eaecnet.com