Our Mission

Cyprus Mathematical Society is a non-profit organization established in Cyprus since 1983. Its purpose is to promote Mathematics Education and Science. CY.M.S. activities include the organization of all national mathematics competitions and forming the national teams that represent Cyprus in international Olympiads including competitions such as the Cyprus Math Olympiad, the Mathematics Relay competitions and the Mathematics Article competition for school students.

Other activities include the annual conference on Mathematics Science and Education, the annual Student Mathematics Conference, International Mathematics Conferences such as the EUROMATH and a Summer Mathematics School.

Since 2002 Cyprus Mathematical Society publishes the scientific journal Mediterranean Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. Other publications include an annual periodical called Mathematiko Vema.

CYMS is governed by a 19 member Council, made up by mathematicians. Its expertise through its members and activities include all levels of mathematics science and education. It is also very active with European Funded Projects and is offering KA1 training courses in cooperation with other organizations.